Monday, December 17, 2012


"Then we knew that we were done with Saracen Cairo, and that we must taste the deeper mysteries of primal Egypt—the black Khem of Re and Amen, Isis and Osiris."
H.P. Lovecraft & Harry Houdini, Under the Pyramids

"At other times he was seen protecting the deceased (Osiris or others identified with him) with long feathery wings. Most often Isis was represented as a woman with a throne on her head. At other times her headdress was a disk flanked by feathers and cow's horns. "

"Accompanied by seven protective serpents, she took refuge in the swamps of Buto and there gave birth to Horus."
Veronica Ions, Egyptian Mythology

"Snakes of all types are sacred to Isis and were used in Her rites, often being carried processions."
DeTracy Regula, The Mysteries Of Isis


  1. No mere Woman; but a Goddess yet! A lower aspect of NUIT the Goddess of Night, same as daughter of CHAOS; NYX. ISIS says, "I am ISIS. No mortal man, hath ever me unveiled."