Tuesday, March 12, 2013


"What was the land of these wanderers none could tell; but it was seen that they were given to strange prayers, and that they had painted on the sides of their wagons strange figures with human bodies and the heads of cats, hawks, rams, and lions. And the leader of the caravan wore a head-dress with two horns and a curious disc betwixt the horns."
H.P. Lovecraft, The Cats Of Ulthar

"Drinking from it she was eventually lulled to sleep, and the slaughter ceased. The fury lived on in the goddess Sekhmet, the lion goddess, who was always worshiped at the edge of the desert where lions came to find water."
Charles Freeman, The Legacy Of Ancient Egypt

Sekhmet was usually represented as a woman with the head of a lioness wearing the solar disk and the uraeus;"
Veronica Ions, Egyptian Mythology 



  1. If you want to do "Ancient Mid-Eastern" Gods and Deities... Do Nergal and the Anunnaki....
    Their Names are Not known ...Not in Heaven or on Earth..."
    Well here are their Names ... Lilitu... (i.e. "Lilith") and a couple of the better known are Lamashtu"... and "Rabisu"... "the Fear-Bringer"...
    The most powerful is Uttuku ( only used in text to represent the "spirit" of Enkidu...) This means that he is a "Slain" god ..( and was associated with the Bull)( Maybe "Aatax", who was slain by "Gilgamesh"...)
    the others are "Akhazu" ( one of the "Kemu" or "captive" Gods) Allu-Happa, and "Sharazu (the great "Detroyer-Demon")E-Mail Me for any Questions that you may have... I have over 20 research in this topic... the Doctor

  2. "Sharab-du-Gallu" is its proper name ... Assyrian... Meaning "Evil-Destroyer_Devil"... Galla means "Demon" ... where as "Gallu" is "Devil"

  3. well, I'm only drawing stuff HPL mentions in his writing and I don't know if he mentions any of the gods above....