Friday, May 24, 2013


It's official, the second edition of Illustro Obscurum Volume IV is sold out! Keep your eye out for Volume V which should be for sale in two weeks.

Thanks everyone!!


  1. Nooo! Why, oh why, must Volume IV have been sold when i was away from the computer all day?

    Poor, poor me... I guess i'll have to take solace in my precious, precious Volumes I-III...

  2. @brink.: Don't worry, I'm pretty sure that once Yog-Blogsoth has completed the entire volumes, he will make an Illustro Obscurum encyclopedia, hopefully, for the "discreet public", in the fullest of summer freetime.

    @Michael Bukowski: You still considering about making a Youtube account to show your monsters in action? Just a moderate suggestion.

  3. Of course it "sold out" that quickly good Sir...
    Your wonderful artwork and the many fans of Lovecraft....
    this "treasury" of these beings as described in his works...
    there the images of these dreadful beings was left to the imagination of the reader... you works give these "things" a new life ... and bring Mr. Lovecraft's creations to new generations... I just wish to say that your drawings are great and you are one of my favorite artists whose work I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.... Keep up the Great work

  4. Replies
    1. So how many more Illustro Obscurum volumes do you estimate need to be published, before a "discreet public" encyclopedia? Just a profounding thought.

  5. I honestly have no idea! I'm still not even done drawing all the monsters let alone ready to put them all in zines. I have approximately 300 drawn and finished so far. and maybe another 50 to go?

    1. I guess that has to do with all sorts of monsters directly from Lovecraft as well as others, not forgetting originally made historical mythology monsters mentioned in his works. Might be worth 2 months to find all of them before putting them in 1 megaton zine! Well, good luck! P.S. Still pondering about making YouTube videos starring your monsters, I know I said 2 (now 3) times.

  6. Saddly I missed it again :(

  7. Third printing! Third printing!