Wednesday, February 3, 2016


"At any rate, when the men of K’n-yan went down into N’kai’s black abyss with their great atom-power searchlights they found living things—living things that oozed along stone channels and worshipped onyx and basalt images of  Tsathoggua. But they were not toads like Tsathoggua himself. Far worse—they were amorphous lumps of viscous black slime that took temporary shapes for various purposes." 
H.P. Lovecraft & Zealia Bishop,
 The Mound

"Then two arms—if one could call them arms—likewise arose inch by inch, and we saw that the thing was not, as we had thought, a creature immersed in the liquid, but that the liquid itself had put forth this hideous neck and head, and was now forming these damnable arms, that groped toward us with tentacle-like appendages in lieu of claws or hands!" 
Clark Ashton Smith, The Tale Of Satampra Zeiros

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  1. My Elder Thing , T'uashaggo, and a "Formless Spawn D&D miniatures set in front of me on my computer monitor....
    ... always been one of my favorite "monsters" to have players battle in RPG's...