Wednesday, November 23, 2016


"Ixtl sprawled unmoving in the boundless night."

"One arm, with its eight wirelike fingers, lashed out with indescrib­able swiftness at the metal, through it; and then he had the vibrator from the holster of one of the men on the cage."

"His elongated body convulsed in sense­less movement. His four arms lashed out, his four legs jackknifed with blind, unreasoning strength. That was his muscular reaction."

"The almost metallic red sheen of the creature’s cylindrical body, the eyes like coals of fire, the wirelike fingers and toes, and the over-all scarlet hideousness of it startled him."

"His mouth, a gash in his caricature of a human head, slavered a white frost that floated away in little frozen globules."
A.E. van Vogt, The Voyage Of the Space Beagle

This special edition of Stories From the Borderland originally appeared in Unwinnable #84

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