Friday, August 11, 2017

NECRONOMICON 2017!! Part 2!

NecronomiCon 2017 is quickly approaching and I'll be there vending, paneling and arting!

So, on top of the two zines I announced yesterday, I'll also be debuting the first volume of Stories From the Borderland. This is my collaboration with Scott Nicolay, where he highlights an influential but "forgotten" weird tale in an essay and I make a drawing to go along with it. This zine will collect the first 5 essays and a bonus essay that we'll be debuting at NecronomiCon.

How are we going to debut a new Stories From the Borderland at NecronomiCon? Well, here's the info!

STORIES FROM THE BORDERLAND – LIVE!Renaissance Room, Biltmore 17th Floor Special Presentation: Featuring the art of Michael Bukowski and Jeanne D’Angelo, with discussion led by Anya Martin and Scott Nicolay.
“Bringing the Stories Back Alive: Expanding and Illustrating the Canon of The Weird” During
NecronomiCon 2015, Michael Bukowski and Scott Nicolay first conceived the idea for Stories from the Borderland, their unique collaborative project designed to introduce audiences to great weird stories that have fallen through the cracks of the canon–and the monsters that inhabit them. Sixteen episodes later, Michael and Scott return to Providence to share a new & never before seen episode of SFTB before a live audience, followed by a discussion of the research behind the series led by project editor Anya Martin. For a grand finale, artist Jeanne D’Angelo will debut the art for the new parallel series, Tales from the Crossroads.

I also mentioned that I'll have reprints of some older Seventh Church Ministries zines. These will be extremely limited (Alan Brown's I See A Shadow Coming and Gunsho's Goetia will be limited to ONE copy each).

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