Thursday, December 6, 2012


Illustro Obscurum Volume III has sold out despite annoying paypal problems. 

All the zines (including combo pack orders) are printed, put together, and ready to be signed and numbered. I'll get them out early next week which should be in time for the holidays (SOME international destinations have taken an extended period of time to arrive but it should still be good). 

If you couldn't get Volume III because of the button issue write to me in the comments and I'll do a short run repress. Thanks everyone!!


  1. Hi Michael,

    Unfortunately I got caught out between going home from work & Vol III being sold out even though I was watching the days count down.

    I got the other 2 volumes, is there any chance you can help me out.

  2. Cheers on you, Mister Yog. :) That's the kind of spirit that makes us keep coming back.

  3. Not a button issue, but my son tweeted he wanted this while I was driving for five hours. Make his day? And mine? There are few things I know he would really like to get.

  4. Damn! Well congrats on selling out sir! But from the sound of it, you could do larger print runs! Keep up the great work!