Saturday, November 21, 2015

This Thanksgiving Feed Cthulhu!

Hey folks! Quick update. This coming Thanksgiving week I'll be posting yet another full week's worth of Ramsey Campbell monsters including one of the most complex Great Old Ones I've ever drawn! Speaking of Thanksgiving...

Ross Lockhart over at Word Horde is throwing down the generosity gauntlet with the Return of #FeedCthulhu ! Here's the statement direct from Word Horde:
"Thanksgiving may be the time to celebrate our prosperity and providence, but people still go hungry. And hunger sucks. So once again I’d like to challenge you to make a difference, by making a donation–no matter how small–to a food charity. This can be a local food bank, church, temple, mosque, coven, bin outside your grocery store, or national (or international) hunger relief organization. The organization doesn’t matter, so long as they’re feeding people. Once you do that, post the following on social media:
I fed Cthulhu [your donation] to [organization] #FeedCthulhu @lossrockhart"

Click hear to read Ross' entire post. Also, just check out Word Horde in general because they've release some amazing fiction this year (including two of my favorites from 2015 Orrin Grey's Painted Monsters, Molly Tanzer's Vermillion). Ross is a super nice dude, Word Horde is a super great press, their authors are super talented and it's an awesome cause. Let's be excellent to each other this Thanksgiving!!  

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