Friday, October 28, 2011


"Lloigor, Zhar and Ithaqua shall ride the spaces among the stars and shall ennoble those who are their followers, who are the Tcho-Tcho; Cthugha shall encompass his dominion from Fomalhaut; Tzathoggua shall come from N'kai..."
H.P. Lovecraft & August Derleth, The Lurker At the Threshold

'"And I, Eric Marsh, have for years been helping these little people, directing them to penetrate the deep and unknown caverns beneath the Lake Of Dread and the surrounding Plateau Of Sung where Lloigor and Zhar, ancient evil ones, and their minions await the day when they can once more sweep over the earth to bring death and destruction and incredible age-old evil."'

'"But they were followed by those who had been their slaves on the stars, those who had set up opposition to the Elder Ones-the Evil followers of Cthulhu, Hastur the Unspeakable, Lloigor and Zhar, the twin Obscenities and others."'

"For the thing that crouched in the weird green dusk was a living mass of shuddering horror, as ghastly mountain of sensate, quivering flesh, whose tentacles, far-flung in the dim reaches of the subterranean cavern, emitted a strange humming sound, while from the depths of the creature's body came a weird and horrific ululation. Then I fell back into Fo-Lan's arms. my mouth opened to cry out, but I felt the doctor's firm hand clapped across my lips, and from a great distance I seemed to hear his voice.
"That is Lloigor!"'

"Yet this I know: the remains on the Plateau of Sung are those of what must have been gigantic animals, apparently boneless, and utterly unknown to man."
August Dertleth & Mark Schorer, The Lair Of the Star Spawn

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