Friday, September 28, 2012


The Genie that haunts the moonbeams spake to the Demon of the Valley, saying, "I am old, and forget much. Tell me the deeds and aspect and name of them who built these things of Stone." And the Demon replied, "I am Memory, and am wise in lore of the past, but I too am old. These beings were like the waters of the river Than, not to be understood. Their deeds I recall not, for they were but of the moment. Their aspect I recall dimly, it was like to that of the little apes in the trees. Their name I recall clearly, for it rhymed with that of the river. These beings of yesterday were called Man."
H.P. Lovecraft, Memory

"They mostly take the shape of a gigantic human but may be invisible or take other shapes, such as that of a vast and grotesque beast."

 "Their deception may be detected because they will have bertical eyes and the feet of a goat or a camel."
Carol Rose, Giants Monsters and Dragons

"Surely, I shall fill Hell with jinns and men all together."
The Noble Qur'an, Huud 11:119

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