Friday, December 14, 2012


Hey dude! So while you're waiting for next week's monsters to post you can check out my 2012 best of mix to get an idea of the crud that I listen to while I'm drawing these hideous blasphemies. My friend Justin started the blog as a place to share our favorite new (to us at least) music of the year and this is the third year I've done it.


In more Yog-Blogsoth related news, I'll be doing another run of Illustro Obscurum Volume III after the holidays so those of you that missed out will still have a chance to get a copy.


  1. Hey Michael, here's one strange thing that happened: last friday i read your lists of music and movies and on particularly caught my attention, room 237, as i enjoy very much kubrick's films, specially the shining. comes saturday, i'm visiting a friend in another town and looking for things to do, he checks the movies and guess what? you got it, room 237 was being screened that same day!

    coincidence ??? i hardly think so.... we should start a new documentary about this immediatelly!!

    jokes aside, this story is real. and man, that story about those minotaurs all over the place hahaha ... my favorite is the moon theory though. and that sick one about the guy having an erection when handshaking jack.

  2. See? That means there's only one explanation...the moon landing was fake, there's minotaurs all throughout The Shining and people get awesome boners when they shake hands.