Wednesday, November 20, 2013


"Men knew him as the Dweller in Darkness, that brother of the Old Ones called Nyogtha, the Thing that should not be. He can be summoned to Earth's surface through certain secret caverns and fissures, and sorcerers have seen him in Syria and below the black tower of Leng; from the Thang Grotto of Tartary he has come ravening to bring terror and destruction among the pavilions of the great Khan."
"He dreamed of Salem, and of a dimly glimpsed, gelatinous black thing that hurtled with frightful speed through the streets, a thing like an incredibly huge, jet black amoeba that pursued and engulfed men and women who shrieked and fled vainly."
"The disk was lifted, flung aside, and a great wave of iridescent blackness, neither liquid nor solid, a frightful gelatinous mass, came pouring straight for Leigh."
Henry Kuttner, The Salem Horror

"It was the eldritch scurrying of those fiend-born rats, always questing for new horrors, and determined to lead me on even unto those grinning caverns of earth's centre where Nyarlathotep, the mad faceless god, howls blindly to the piping of two 
amorphous idiot flute-players."
H. P. Lovecraft, The Rats In the Walls
"It is His wood-The Wood of N'gai, the terrestrial abode of the Blind, Faceless One, the Howler In the Night, the Dweller in Darkness, Nyarlathotep, who fears only Cthugha."
August Derleth, The Dweller In Darkness

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