Tuesday, January 21, 2014


'“And while there are those,” the mad Arab had written, “who have dared to seek glimpses beyond the Veil, and to accept HIM as a Guide, they would have been more prudent had they avoided commerce with HIM; for it is written in the Book of Thoth how terrific is the price of a single glimpse."
H.P. Lovecraft & E. Hoffman Price, Through the Gates Of the Silver Key

"However, the old worship continued-in secret during the times of enlightened Pharaohs and priests; more openly during  corrupt and evil times. One of the centers of the old evil ways was at ancient Khemennu, where, in the form of Thoth worship, Nyarlathotep's cultists managed to dominate the region for centuries. The cultists which the investigators now oppose are the spiritual descendents of the original folk who once worshiped Thoth/Nyarlathotep thousands of years ago in the ancient temples of Khemennu."
William Hamblin, Thoth's Dagger

"Thoth himself was supposed to have written with his own hand a book of magic and the forty-two volume which contained all the wisdom of the world."

"Thoth was most often represented as an ibis-headed man wearing the moon 
crescent and disk."
Veronica Ions, Egyptian Mythology

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