Tuesday, March 11, 2014


"In the 11th century, the simulacrum came into the possession of Sedefkar, a gazi Turkman who had fallen from Islam and turned against his amir. Protected behind the impregnable walls of Constantinople, this evil apostate accrued great wealth. One night he caught a thief in his treasure room, and had the man flayed to death on the spot, that the thief might die in sight of the gold he desired. The unblinking gaze of the statue watched the torture, and that night Sedefkar was visited by the statue's maker, 
The Skinless One, an avatar of Nyarlathotep."

"An aspect of Nyarlathotep, it usually appears as a muscular eight-foot-tall human without skin, and sometimes a third eye in the center of the forehead."

"The Sedefkar Scrolls are bundled rolls of flayed and treated human skin, cut into rectangles nd stitched together."
Geoff Gillan, Mark Morrison & Nick Hagger, Horror On the Orient Express

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