Wednesday, August 20, 2014


"Six men are lost-O! dreadful cost
But he through danger slips. 
At last from waves no ship he saves
But on Calypsos isle
He drifts ashore and more & more 
He tarries for a while."
H.P. Lovecraft, The Poem Of Ulysses, or The Odyssey

"Only Odysseus was held elsewhere, pining for home and wife; the Nymphe Kalypso, a goddess of strange power and beauty, had kept him captive within her arching caverns, yearning for him to be her husband." 

"O son of Kronos, father of us and sovereign ruler, if indeed the blessed gods now wish that shrewd Odysseus should come to his own land again, then let us instruct the radiant Hermes, the Messenger, to go to the island of Ogygia and without delay to tell the Nymphe of the braided tresses our firm decree that staunch Odysseus is to depart and journey home.’"
Homer, Odyssey

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