Wednesday, November 19, 2014

News...part 2

About a month ago, I was contacted by Dave Kirkby asking if it was ok for him to sculpt a miniature of my drawing of Nyarlathotep as Jack O' Lantern (based on Scott David Aniolowski's description). It's part of a Halloween custom he and his daughter partake in every year where they each make creepy sculpts for the holiday. 

Of course I said yes. I appreciated that he contacted me ahead of time and specified it would be one sculpt and one time. Especially with the problems I've had in the past, it's nice to see someone who's respectful and courteous.

So, You can see his progression photos over on his blog, including more detailed versions of the finished piece. Thanks so much Dave for including this in your Halloween tradition!

I also JUST realized that Scott David Aniolowski himself made and encouraging comment on the Jack O' Lantern piece on this blog! Be sure to check out his blog, Whispers From the House Of Secrets!

That's all for today but later in the week there will be BIG news for Christmas and Yog-Blogsoth/Illustro Obscurum fans!


  1. Wow, will those sculpts be for sale?

  2. We always post a "shout out" for viewers to check out your wonderful blog any time we use one of your great "Cthulhu" images.... because your illustrations are the best , by far of these beings....
    We check your art-work at least a few times each week.....
    A Great day to you good Sir....

  3. Thanks Dr. Theda! What's your site?

    styx, these will not be for sale, these were a one off. I have been thinking of getting sculpts/molds made in the future though...

  4. You should consider this as a charity sculpt sale of a limited print. I'd get one!