Thursday, February 5, 2015


“O Nymph more fair than the golden-haired sisters of Cyane or the sky-inhabiting Atlantides, beloved of Aphrodite and blessed of Pallas, thou hast indeed discovered the secret of the Gods, which lieth in beauty and song."
H.P. Lovecraft & Anna Helen Crofts, Poetry and the Gods

"Pallas was the Titan god of warcraft and the Greek campaign season of late spring and early summer. He was the father of Victory, Rivalry, Strength and Power by Styx (Hate), children who turned to the side of Zeus during the Titan-War. Pallas' name was derived from the Greek word pallô meaning "to brandish (a spear)."

"Pallas was clearly imagined as a goat-like god. In the story of the Titan-War, Athene vanquished him in battle, and crafted her stormy aigis (goat-skin) shield from his skin. His father and brothers were also apparently animalistic: Krios, named simply the Ram, was probably the constellation of the same name (Aries); Astraios, father of the horse-shaped wind-gods, may have been assine or equine; and Perses, father of Hekate, was perhaps dog-like god."
Aaron J. Atsma, The Theoi Project: Greek Mythology

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  1. Gotta love goat gods!!! Baah-Baah! Also, on a separate note, have you ever considered making 3D models of your artwork with ZBrush?