Thursday, April 16, 2015


"Jaycee saw the reeds spread at their base then spring back as the shape bulged between them. He figured the thing about the size of a baseketball. Capillaries of tiny lightning rippled over the blue-white blob as it moved, making a fitful little humping leap."

"-It's just the soft frogs. They come up from the swamp at night. They're weird but not really dangerous, least not so long as you keep moving anyway. They're not very fast."

"Her theory was the frogs are mutants that evolved to live without skins. Like maybe they got changed by the stuff the big pharmaceuticals are dumping in the swamp."

"So Destiny told us she thought it was the chemicals in the swamp puffed them up nd made them lose their skins, mad them all bubbly and foamy."

"He zigzagged between the flickering blobs."

"He saw beyond a doubt now they had no mouths. Just blunt muzzles of foam and those hateful yellow eyes."
Scott Nicolay, Soft Frogs


  1. This is a thing of globby beauty!

  2. This is the second time this week I've run into mention of these critters... I suppose that means I oughtta go read that story.