Tuesday, February 2, 2016

News II...

As I said yesterday, one of the reasons that I haven't posted on the blog in January is because I was busy with commissions. Today I'm gonna give you a rundown of what I was working on and what's scheduled for 2016.

First off, I completed two illustrations for AdeptiCon '16. A shirt design and a smaller design for pint glasses, etc. 

I was also commissioned by Lethe Press to draw the creature from Hammer's The Lost Continent for a secret project. This is the 5th illustration I've done for them.

I'm also excited about this logo for a podcast that will explore the works of author Robert Aickman.

As far as what's coming up, there's a lot! I can only really talk about the Seventh Church Ministries projects so here's a tentative list of what's in the works for 2016
Justine Jones: zine based on the works of Clark Ashton Smith
Johanna Öst: zine based on various Victorian ghost stories
Michelle Dugan & Ellie Gill: zine based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien  

Trevor Henderson: zine inspired by H.G. Wells' The Island Of Doctor Moreau
Nick Gucker, Outer Monstrosities: zine based on the works of William Hope Hodgson
Illustro Obscurum Volume IX
Illustro Obscurum Wizard's Compendium

On top of all this, I'll be posting a few monsters at the end of this week, including a re-rendering of an oldie and a brand new, extremely obscure HPL monster!

Stay tuned for more info on all this stuff by following me here or on instagram @illustro_obscurum or @seventh_church_ministries

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  1. Personally, I hope to hear more updates about the B-Movie project.