Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Hey everybody! So Scott Nicolay's essay for the Xipéhuz edition of Stories From the Borderland is now live! AND we've announced that we're partnering with Dim Shores to a print run of Scott's brand new translation of the story including my illustrations as well as a brand new wraparound cover and interior illustrations!

I've also got the tentative 2017 lineup for Seventh Church Ministries! Artists tend to have busy and slow commission periods so many of these zines may not come to fruition and some may come ahead of others. As of right now we're looking at: 

Illustro Obscurum secret benefit zine (bonus prints by Caitlin McCormack, Brad Omen & Kati Driscoll)
Paradise Lost by Dave Felton (bonus print by Alex Eckman-Lawn)
The Yellow Wallpaper by Jenn Woodall
Panchatantra by Anoop Bhat
Unnamed zine by Ana Armengod
Unnamed zine by Ketch Wehr inspired by James Tiptree Jr.
Unnamed zine by Justin Gray illustrations of Doc Savage villains
Illustro Obscurum Volume IX

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