Thursday, July 12, 2018


So I know it seems like a bit of a jump to go from the thumbnail to the finished drawing but I really didn't do much planning with this one. I got al basic idea of shape and motion and then used stream of consciousness to draw. Like I've stated before this is the largest single monster I've ever drawn. It's on two pieces of 14"x 17" paper taped together. Not the most ideal art situation, I know, but as long as I can scan it and clean it up it works for me. 

I also tried to design my Azathoth to reveal different "faces" depending on how you turn that paper and look at it. So, if flipped horizontally, you may see faces that weren't as apparent when you first looked. I wanted to incorporate all sorts of monstrous elements as well; wings, fangs, fins, claws, scales etc. My thinking was that this creep is the thing at the center of the universe that's possibly dreaming us all, so it'd incorporate all sorts of bits and parts. I'll post some close ups once we get to more advanced stages.

Next up...I start inking!


  1. What's the plan with this fella, big ol' poster/print?

    1. I'm not quite sure. I'm thinking maybe a fold out in an Illustro Obscurum zine AND an unfolded poster?

    2. Works for me. This one deserves to be seen bigly.