Wednesday, February 6, 2019


"'The Bammat's something hairy-like, with big ears and a long wiggly nose and twisty white teeth sticking out of its mouth—'"

"'Oh!' And Mr. Yandro trumpeted his laughter. 'You've got some story about the Mammoth. Why, they've been extinct—dead and forgotten—for thousands of years.'"

"'Anyway,' he went on arguing, 'the Mammoth—the Bammat, as you call it—is of the elephant family. How would anything like that get up in the mountains?'"

"It was big and broad-headed, with elephant ears to right and left, and white tusks like bannisters on a spiral staircase. But it was woolly-shaggy, like a buffalo bull. The Bammat. How could such a thing move so quiet-like?"
Manly Wade Wellman, The Desrick On Yandro

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