Friday, July 31, 2020


"With bodies rivaling those of lions in size, and wingspans that exceeded the width of an elephant's ears, only kyame of the most potent quality could have muted the sounds the creatures' approach would otherwise have made. The intruders' nightmare aspect was like that of an unspeakable amalgamation of serpent and bat. Long, coarse black hair covered their wings and bodies, leaving only their hind-limbs bare. The appendages at the end of those muscular limbs bore a repellant resemblance to human hands."

"Long, blunt-ended jaws opened wide to reveal sharp, spiky teeth. The eyes above those fearsome jaws glittered with cold intelligence - and hatred."
Charles R. Saunders, Dossouye II: The Dancers Of Mulukau

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  1. Hey Mike! I just wanted to suggest some possible creature ideas for you. If you don´t like them then I will understand: SCPS from SCP Foundation (SCP 173, SCP 96...), Trevor Henderson Creations (Siren Head, Long Horse...), Junji Ito, Yames (Discover my body, Water Womb World) and possibly Japanese Yokai, like Oni or Umibozu. By the way love your work!