Friday, May 13, 2011


"Without definite intention he was asking the PRESENCE for access to a dim, fantastic world whose five multi-coloured suns, alien constellations, dizzy black crags, clawed, tapir-snouted denizens, bizarre metal towers, unexplained tunnels, and cryptical floating cylinders had intruded again and again upon his slumbers."

"He was, as many a night before, walking amidst throngs of clawed, snouted beings through the streets of a labyrinth of inexplicably fashioned metal under a blaze of diverse solar colour; and as he looked down he saw that his body was like those of the others—rugose, partly squamous, and curiously articulated in a fashion mainly insect-like yet not without a caricaturish resemblance to the human outline. The Silver Key was still in his grasp—though held by a noxious-looking claw."
H.P. Lovecraft & E. Hoffman Price, Through the Gates Of the Silver Key

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  1. At the end of that story, Aspinwall, one of the men gathered to settle Carter's estate,shouting with anger, yanks the mask off the swami's head -and dies of the shock ! Afraid of what powers Zkauba might have, the men allow the alien to vanish into the clock ...