Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I seemed to be looking down from an immense height upon a twilit grotto, knee-deep with filth, where a white-bearded daemon swineherd drove about with his staff a flock of fungous, flabby beasts whose appearance filled me with unutterable loathing."
"No, no, I tell you, I am not that daemon swineherd in the twilit grotto! It was not Edward Norrys’ fat face on that flabby, fungous thing! "
H.P. Lovecraft, The Rats In the Walls


  1. More formless than I expected. I always envisioned degenerate flabby descendants of humans bred as animals by that diseased cult that last for millenia at Exham, a sore in the earth (like that pit where humans had turned into fungus plant-things and even getting near one could cause you to become a fungus thing.[The Statement of Henry Worthy, by Brian Lumley, a mythos tale that obliquely avoids giving mythos names).

    1. I too imagined them as some sort of very fat, degenerated humans who were held as foodsource, but never as something really fungus like.
      Mr. Bukowski draws certain things from the lovecraftverse a bit different than other people.