Friday, December 2, 2011


"When he smiled a welcome he showed a magnificently even set of firm white teeth, and as he waved me to a chair I was struck by the fineness of his slender hands, with their long, tapering fingers whose ruddy, almond-shaped nails were slightly curved and exquisitely manicured."

"I noticed the huge hairy arms that hung at his side in such curious contrast with his delicate hands."

"Taking the lamp and turning in the hall to say good-night, I could see his eyes glowing almost phosphorescently in the darkened room I had left; and I was half reminded for a moment of the jungle, and the circles of eyes that sometimes glow just beyond the radius of the campfire."

That scream had roused me to action, and in a second I had retrieved my automatic and emptied its entire contents into the wolfish monstrosity before me. But I heard the unhindered thud of each bullet as it imbedded itself in the opposite wall."

"They never found the Count's mangled body, sonny, and a gaunt gray wolf hoverin over it with blood-slavering jaws."
H.P. Lovecraft & C.M. Eddy Jr., The Ghost-Eater

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