Monday, December 12, 2011

Sketches 4

So there won't be any new posts for a week or two because I'll be in Portugal for ten days with Jeanne D'Angelo. Actually, I've set this to autopost so I'll be lurking around cobblestone streets in the shadow of mysterious Templar cathedrals while you read this. Unless of course my plane crashed on the way, in which case this post will be extremely sad and weird.

Anyway, here's some sketches in lieu of new drawings.

First of the sketches is the last dude I posted, the Land-Crustacean. I actually had a hard time figuring out what this guy was gonna look like. The sketch I went with still looks pretty different from the final version. The one of the left looks more like a crab, while the one on the right looks like a flea mixed with a lobster.

Next up is the Ithaqua sketch. I love this one. It's so adorable. Way cuter than how the actual creep turned out. I was looking at a lot of Don Kenn drawings for Wendigo inspiration.

Finally, we have this little slug beastie who appeared in From Beyond. This is actually a way more detailed sketch than I usually do, but I think it worked out considering how detailed this one is.

Ok, I hope that can hold you ravenous maniacs over for a bit while I explore Lisbon's hidden alleys. Stay tuned, because when I get back there's gonna be more bizarreness from the R.H. Barlow and C. M. Eddy collaborations!


  1. Have some fun in Portugal and come back with new, weird beasties! :D

  2. Another Don Kenn fan! He does the cutest creeps.