Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Thus shielded, Yalden fared without incident until he came to the place of the White Worm. Here of necessity he delayed to make preparations for finding the rest of his way. With patient diligence he captured the small colorless maggot, and surrounded it with a curious mark made with green paint. As was prophesied, the Lord of Worms, whose name was Sarall, made promise of certain things in return for its freedom. Then Yalden released it, and it crawled away after directing him on the course he was to follow."
H.P. Lovecraft & R.H. Barlow, The Hoard Of the Wizard-Beast

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  1. I love the dignity you've managed to give the little beastie. It's not anthropomorphized at all, and yet it still seems intelligent and aware of its surroundings--not bad for a glorified grub.