Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sketches 5

Here's a few more sketches while I get caught up on some freelance work. I'm also working on a new batch of creatures that'll be a bit different from the stuff I've posted on here so far. It's a new group I've categorized as "Gods In Human Form" and I'm pretty pumped about it. Don't worry they won't be angelic looking Roman gods/goddesses (although there are some Roman/Greek guys in there), but humanoid gods that still fit with the rest of the work I've been doing on here. Anyway, on to the sketches!
Hydra is up first and this is a really simple sketch. I mostly based her on the Leviathan drawing I'd done earlier for a gallery show so I didn't need much in the way of concept design.

The Cat From Saturn gave me some trouble so he got a more extensive sketch. It's really close to the finished drawing but smaller.

I think the Living Arabesque was one of the most bizarre creatures HPL has ever described. However, the sketch is simple and didn't take too long. The final drawing was a bit harder because of all the doodley details.

Ok, hopefully, I'll have a new post for you at the beginning of next week. Until then you can check this cool nerd stuff out. Some father and son team customized their copy of Hive with my drawings! You can see it here.

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