Friday, March 23, 2012

Sketches 6

Here's another sketch set before next week's new posts. They're all Gods In Human Form from The Horror At Red Hook. I really enjoy doing these because they're a little different from H.P.L.'s usually tentacled monstrosities, but still within his loose mythos.
Here's my sketch of Hecate, the second set of arms, the knife, and the belladonna came along in the final version.
Aside from the necklace with the testicles almost everything from the sketch to the drawing is the same. The goat heads aren't from a specific text source but I saw them in a sculpture of the Magna Mater and couldn't resist.
The Moloch sketch was the simplest, missing the holes on the chest, the blood, the upheld arm, and the feet...and of course...his...ahem...ummmm

Anyway, get ready for two weeks worth of new stuff. There'll be a few more Gods In Human Form from The Horror At Red Hook, a couple redraws of old stuff and some really obscure creatures from H.P.L.'s collaborations with R. H. Barlow!

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