Monday, April 23, 2012

Sketches 7

The Empty Night Skies show was a HUGE success and I'll post pictures later. In the meantime here's a couple sketches for you, while I'm working on new monsters....

This first one is the "Bat Winged Devil" from The Call Of Cthulhu. The wings in the sketch look more dragonlike but I looked at a really cool book called The Beginners Guide To Bats for the final version. I also made him more squat and less human.

This next dude I was really dreading. How do you draw a giant live hill and make it look like a monster? Well, here's my attempt. I added the trees and the little circle of standing stones to the final version and made the caves glow like they were filled with magma.

This last sketch differs a lot form the final version but you get the gist. When I originally drew Anathas, he kinda looked like a pickle or a blob, but I wanted him to appear like a writhing mass of multifariousness.

Ok, so I'll have a few more posts before I go on vacation to Portland to hunt for bigfoot, and when I get back I'll have a full month's worth of monsters before I take another break!

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