Wednesday, July 11, 2012


"It occurred to me that judging from the elaborateness of this worship, the concealed deity must be one of considerable importance. Was it Osiris or Isis, Horus or Anubis, or some vast unknown God of the Dead still more central and supreme?"
H.P. Lovecraft & Harry Houdini, Under the Pyramids

"Horus was often portrayed as a falcon perched on a rectangular frame 
known as a serekh."   
\Charles Freeman, The Legacy Of Ancient Egypt

"Yet, it is in the combined zoo-anthropomorphic form of a falcon-headed man that the god most frequently appears, often wearing the Double Crown signifying his kingship 
over all Egypt."
Jimmy Dunn, Horus, the God Of Kings

Visual reference.
Temple Of Edfu, Edfu, Egypt

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