Saturday, July 14, 2012


I don't usually post on weekends, but this was too cool to pass up. My friend Mike shot an email over to the dudes at the Miskatonic University podcast about my blog. They loved it and mention it about 3 minutes into the episode! Thanks so much Mike and M.U. podcast. You guys should definitely check it out if you're running or playing Call Of Cthulhu. Here's the link to episode 10 where they mention Yog-Blogsoth.

The zine is fully laid out, the covers are designed I just need to screen print them. So it looks like I'll be a month behind schedule. But don't worry! They're definitely happening.

PS-This coming week will be my last week of posting for a bit while I catch up on the zine and some freelance work. However, it's a big, big week. Possibly, just possibly some avatars of some Great Old Ones and maybe some biblical demons?

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