Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sketches 13

This batch of sketches are some Great Old Ones and are maybe the funniest/worst sketches I've posted. I'm really happy with the monsters themselves though.

As you can see this K'thun sketch is dummmmmb. The eye being where it i sand the proportions of the mouths and the lack of tentacles make it look really goofy for some reason. I do like the final version though. I got he idea for this one while staring at the tree outside Grindcore House last summer, but hopefully it doesn't look too tree-ish to be creepy. 

This Cthugha sketch is super rough but the basic concept is there.  Fire and water are two things I have a lot of trouble portraying in my style. It doesn't come up too often so it's kind of hard to perfect. However, I think I finally go it with this thing and hopefully you guys like it too!

Sarall is one of the more obscure HPL deities (if you can even actually call him that. I did but I like to stretch the canon a bit). The sketch differs quite a bit from the final version aside from the basic pose. The arms, stegasaur-type tail and razor-clam shell are all missing from the sketch. It's more of a straight forward worm on the left and then some sort of (hopefully) 
terrifying grub monster on the right.

Tomorrow's the last of the sketch posts and it's full of Gods In Human Form. Don't forget, new guys coming in March!

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