Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sketches 14

For the last day of sketches I selected three Gods In Human Form which have been some of my favorite things to draw as of late. I really enjoy doing the research into various world myths and imagine I'm reading some of the same info that HPL came across when he was writing. I don't know if you guys find these as entertaining as I do, but I hope so, because Lovecraft wrote about a TON more......

There's not much difference from start to finish on Quetzalcoatl  here, except for the addition of the two headed snake. I really like how imaginative and violent Mayan/Aztec mythology is and how utterly alien it is to the Western mindset.

 Huitzilopotchli varies a bit from one to the next. The sketch is basically just a really rough idea of what I wanted. The pose is really different and the heart switched hands. Plus, I had to interpret what I thought Mayan outfits would look like after researching their glyphs. I hope it's not too inaccurate.

Finally we have a 'Umr at-Tawil. I changed a few things, like the layers of robe and the swirly, unnecessary ribbon encircling him but other than that, they look pretty similar.

Hope you guys enjoyed the sketch posts..I'll make one more first attempt/redraw post and then in March it's three weeks of new monsters and zines!


  1. Great stuff! Always great to see the sketches and the final pieces. Really looking forward to new work! :D

  2. Thanks dude!! Glad you like 'em. I always like when you post sketches too, it's cool to see other people's processes.

    Hope you like the new work...I've been delving into the depths of...THE POETRY!!! hahha there's some weird stuff.