Monday, April 15, 2013


Hey folks, I have a couple cool things to talk about before my next bummer news post about art theft.  First off, there will be a second edition of Illustro Obscurum Volume IV.  I'm not 100% on the timeline yet, but trust me it'll be soon.

Secondly, I'm also working on laying out Volume V.  Which won't be too long on the heels of IV. After that, I'll be taking a little zine break to work on a special project that I think most of you will really like.

I also would like to share two Kickstarter projects that I thought you'd enjoy. The first one is from my friend Trevor Henderson. He and Kathryn Bright have assembled a ton of artists to make an H.P. Lovecraft themed art zine titled Puffed Shoggoths.

The artist list is amazing, the work is stellar, and you may remember, I did a Dreams In the Witch House piece for it!

 Anyway, they're really, really close to their goal, and they're are some bonkers incentives (check out Sam Heimer's insane $1,000 backer bonus!!)

Lastly, my friend Eden, has another Kickstarter where you can fund her mass producing BROWN JENKIN FIGURINES!! She's a really talented sculptor who's work you can see here. I own one of those Krampus heads and it's amazing.

She just started and is already a third of the way to her goal!

Anyway, there will be new monsters for the rest of the week except for Friday when I'll be ranting.


  1. I just did an "Old Ones" post good Sir...
    and if I ever use one of your wonderful illustrations... I Always give you credit and tell the viewers to check out you Blog...
    I love your art work... the Doctor

  2. Yeah Theda, I LOVE when people post my work online with credits. Feel free to keep doin it! hahha The problem's I've been having lately are people trying sell my work without my permission.