Friday, April 5, 2013


"From the brook a shape arose 
Half a man and half a goat. 
Hoofs it had instead of toes 
And a beard adorn'd its throat 

On a seat of rustic reeds 
Sweetly play'd this hybrid man 
Naught car'd I for earthly needs, 
For I knew that this was Pan"
H.P. Lovecraft, To Pan 

"Pan, like other gods who dwelt in forests, was dreaded by those whose occupations caused them to pass through the woods by night, for the gloom and loneliness of such scenes dispose the mind to superstitious fears. Hence  sudden fright without an visible cause was ascribed to Pan, 
and called a Panic terror."

"As the name of the god signifies all, Pan came to be considered a symbol of the universe and personification of Nature; and later still to be regarded as a representative of all the gods and of heathenism itself."
 Thomas Bullfinch, Bullfinch's Mythology

"because she had seen Pan the dangerous lover with 
a face like some shaggy goat"
Nonnus, The Dionysiaca 

"Pan, the great god of nature, was not a handsome god. He had goat's legs, pointed ears, a pair of small horns, and he was covered all over with dark, shaggy hair. He was so ugly that his mother, a nymph, ran away screaming when she first saw him."
Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire's, Book Of Greek Myths 

"In works of art Pan is represented as a voluptuous and sensual being, with horns, puck-nose, and goat's feet, sometimes in the act of dancing, and 
sometimes playing on the syrinx." 
Sir William Smith, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology 


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