Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey guys! I know it's been quiet here for a week but I've got a bunch of announcements to make today.

First off, the last component for the Collection arrived in the mail today, which means I can start assembling them. COLLECTION I will go on sale WEDNESDAY JULY 10th, 11am EST. More info about them as the date approaches.

Also, if you're gonna be in San Diego during the Comic Con, I'll have two pieces up in the Creature Feature show at Left Hand Black gallery.

Also, I will be in one of the gallery shows organized around NecronomiCon in Providence this August. AND I will be tabling the last day of that Con.

Lastly, since the reveal of Collection I, I've been talking about another secret project that's in the works. I'm calling this project Guests In the Witch House:
Since I broke my finger and haven't been able to make monster drawings I asked a few of my friends to help me out with content for the blog while I heal up. I didn't want more monsters though, so I asked a few artists to give me their interpretations of Lovecraftian heroes. So, Trevor Henderson, Alan Brown, Jenn Woodall, and Liz Prince will give their renditions of some of HPL's (and other pulp writers within the mythos) more...human characters starting tomorrow. You always see monsters but not often enough do you see the protagonists of these tales.

I can't thank these guys enough for helping me out when I really needed. I love doing this blog and the idea of not being able to work on it (or freelance for that matter) has been driving me crazy. I'm glad I've got cool friends that would step up when I need it.

Speaking of which. I have been able to draw again! However, I'm not really read to ink it'll still be some time before I can post new monsters. Check out the photo below and you can see that my right middle finger is still pretty swollen even though it's been over a month. The doctor told me that even though it was a clean break with no vascular damage or need to set it, that my proximal phalanx completely snapped in half. Sighhhhh......


  1. Just a question since this is my hopefully first time to have the chance to purchase your upcoming work, if you don't mind me asking what the cost range usually is? and how many will be produced I work during the day eastern US and would be really bummed to see that they all sold before I could get home. Appreciate everything and any response

    1. The zines usually cost about $20 each. However, this collection is a compilation of FOUR of a bunch of, you estimate about $100

  2. Ok that sounds about right I am definitely looking forward to snagging one only hope there still available by the time I get home from work!