Thursday, July 18, 2013


"During that first winter he produced five of his best-known short stories—“The Burrower Beneath”, “The Stairs in the Crypt”, “Shaggai”, “In the Vale of Pnath”, and “The Feaster From the Stars”—and painted seven canvases; studies of nameless, unhuman monsters, and profoundly alien, non-terrestrial landscapes."
H.P. Lovecraft, The Haunter Of the Dark

"And might I further tell you what you saw on those unknown tunnel walls; that those oddly dimensioned designs depicted living creatures of sorts-like elongated octopuses or squids but without recognizable heads or eyes-tentacled worms in fact but of gigantic size?"

"To make it short, Henri, I have been dreaming of subterranean beings, octopus-things apparently without heads or eyes, creatures capable of organic tunneling through the deepest buried rocks with as little effort as hot knives slicing butter! I don't know for sure yet just what they are, these burrowers beneath; "

For Ellis' mind was with Shudde-M'ell when in blind agony and indescribable rage, the Prime Burrower broke through the crust of the Earth-broke through to swim away deeper yet, into the inner magma, against strange tides of molten-rock oceans, those oceans which hold these lily pads we call continents afloat!"

"And Shudde-M'ell-what of the Prime Burrower now?"

It was octopoid, this dweller in the earth...flowing tentacles and pulpy gray-black, elongated sack of a body...rubbery...exuding a vilely stinking whitish slime... eyeless...headless too...Indeed I could see no distinguishing features at all other than the reaching, groping tentacles. Or was there-yes!-a lump in the upper body of the thing....a container of sorts for the brain, or ganglia or whichever diseased organ governed this horror's loathsome life! 
Brian Lumley, The Burrowers Beneath



  1. Looks like someone caught with Ossadogowah, chopped his head off, then put it on a Dhole. Nice work. I like the sheer terror it would strike to anyone. Anyways, would you ever considered a job as a concept video game/movie artist?

  2. Brian Lumley's a talentless hack.