Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Hey everyone...Just a few quick updates.

First off, the extremely talented Orrin Grey just did an in depth interview over at Surreal Sermons. He talks about his amazing collaboration with illustrator M.S.Corley called Gardinel's Real Estate, his previous (Never Bet the Devil) and upcoming collection annnnndddddd our collaboration for my Nyarlathotep project! He's an amazing author and just a super nice guy. You should check out all his work.

Secondovly, my obscenely gifted friend and illustrator Alan Brown is being featured on Great Big Iceberg. You may remember Alan from his Randolph Carter contribution to Guests In the Witch House on this blog. Well, Great Big Iceberg is an in depth look at an artist, their work, their life, their influences, and anything in between. On GBI's tumblr, Alan talks a bit about his inspirations. He mentions the illimitable Jeanne D'Angelo and myself! Alan, and this project are amazing. You should definitely follow both. I'm flattered and honored and humbled to be mentioned by both these gifted folks.

Also, Halloween week will be dedicated to Yig's children. Well, three of Yig's children a rival and something unrelated. But the three days leading up to and including Halloween will be super serpentine!

"It must be the curse of Yig. He had sent his monstrous children on All-Hallows’ Night, and they had taken Walker first."
H.P. Lovecraft & Zealia Bishop, The Curse Of Yig

And lastly, the first wave of orders from Store Des Ghoules reopening will be shipping today, don't forget you can still pick up a number of ghastly prints in time for Halloween! Including this gruesome Rotting Baphomet screenprint!


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  1. Apologies if you've addressed this before, but is there any chance of seeing your screen print images featured on t-shirts? I would love to have a Rotting Baphomet or Necronun shirt!