Monday, October 6, 2014


"Foul giants are they. 
Each hath 1 eye, and hard they ply 
Great Vulcan to obey. 
A cyclop's cave the wanderers brave 
And find much milk & cheese 
But as they eat, foul death they meet 
For them doth Cyclops seize."
H.P. Lovecraft, The Poem Of Ulysses

Vulcan (Hephaestos), the celestial artist, was the son of Jupiter and Juno. He was born lame, and his mother was so displeased at the sight of him that she flung him out of heaven."

"Vulcan's lameness, according to another account, was the consequence of his fall. He was a whole day falling, and at last alighted in the Island of Lemnos, which was thenceforth sacred to him."

"Jupiter gave her (Venus) to Vulcan, in gratitude for the service he had rendered in forging thunderbolts."
Thomas Bulfinch, Bulfinch's Mythology

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