Tuesday, January 22, 2019


“‘And there's the Behinder.’ 
‘And what,’ said Mr. Yandro, ‘might the Behinder look like?’ 
‘Can't rightly say, Mr. Yandro. For it's always behind the man or woman it wants to grab.’”
Manly Wade Wellman, The Derrick On Yandro

“A biggish beast, standing about five feet and walking erect. The slender body mades it possible to hide completely behind the bole of a ten inch tree. The belt is long, thick and black, and the tail is carried recurved.”

“The Hidebehind is never found in the open. He always conceals himself behind a tree trunk. His marvelously quick, stealthy gait makes it possible for him to stay constantly behind his prey, no matter how quickly the suspicious victim may spin about in the hope of glimpsing the marauder.” 
Henry Tryon, Fearsome Critters

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