Wednesday, January 9, 2019



“Tzzzu Tssssin came waddling out of the ship's airlock onto the asteroid's surface, his tail trailing behind him in his spacesuit. He rose to his full height, some ten or twelve feet, and looked around him with satisfaction.”

“He put the regulated machines down on the surface and watched them with his three eyes as they moved slowly away, leaving broad tracks of gleaming white cement behind them.”

“Critically he looked over the designs it contained, shaking his heavy, bony head with satisfaction from time to time.”

“What other of the Szabor-Szor would have thought of painting murals on an asteroid?”

“He developed an irritable trick of  picking at the loose scales on the skin around his neck.”

“The rise of his people, the Szabor Szor, from their humble cotylosaurian beginning to their present dizzy, unchallenged eminence.”
Margaret St. Clair, The Muralist

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