Friday, March 1, 2013


Here are bunch of redraws. Most of them are subtly different, where I wanted better line work, more vibrant color or adjustments to anatomy. However, there are a few (like the Mi-Go and the Yakubian) where the monsters got a complete overhaul. Check em out.






Don't forget next week is the start of three weeks worth of all new drawings!


  1. I like the newer version of the "Mi-Go"... the adding of the legs is more how I pictured the creatures... Looking forward to your new art .. We are always impressed by your great work...
    And really great pics of these Russian "Demons"... Your "fiend" and faithful follower ... the Doctor

  2. Hey, I follow your work for a while now and i wanted to say that i really like it. I've looked for Lovecraftians drawings which would match with what i try to imagine. You are the first to satisfy me. Your drawings,albeit in 2D euclidian dimention, have something of insanity and weirdenouth to match what they should be.

    Well, this wall of word to say that i like your rework on the Mi-Go and the Shantak. They look more evil. But the Yakubian seems less smart, removing something from the first drow. But nice nontheless.

    Your Urm At Tawill was terrific too. Keep it going.

  3. Great stuff! I, personally, think the original dhole and night-gaunt were just fine (and Mi-Go Number One seems a teensy bit appealing), but ALL are fantastic!!!!