Thursday, August 18, 2016


"They were queer, bulky, clumsy-shouldered figures dressed in tight-fitting clothes and hoods and gloves of smooth fur."

"On looking around, however, the travelers were somewhat startled to find that what they had taken for hooded faces were not faces at all' but just smooth, featureless expanses of fur. The back and front of the heads were exactly alike, save for one straight, black gash where the mouth might be."

"They all swung round and round--and round. Why had he thought the dance silent?"

"His hand caught that of the monster nearest him. He remembered afterward that it felt neither cold nor warm, but rather like a fur globe stuffed with wool."

"Beware! You who have escaped the everlasting dance-"

"Ulithia is a place, or rather a condition, which is the one invariable prelude to every adventure I have had. Its phantasmagoria are well nigh as fixed in their nature as what we please to call 'reality'. But of the character of its inhabitants or of the laws which govern its various phenomena, I can tell you but little."
Gertrude Barrows Bennett (as Francis Stevens), The Heads Of Cerberus

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