Wednesday, August 17, 2016


"'I don't mean like farms and woods, this road connecting to that road so you can go from there to hear. I'm talking about the space in between.'" 

"'I think those gaps between places are filling up. Something's looking for us.'"

"'Guy was peeking out of the trees behind the bathrooms whispering my name. I could hear him grinning. He started talking about the sky dripping on him, the night folded over like a blanket."

"'Some nights I see people running up a ditch to the road as I drive by,' Sally said, 'or standing in the trees. I'd call them pale. I'd call them pale enough to glow, except they're not. They're dark as the dark, but I see them just fine. And then the radio starts crackling and my mama's talking me out of the truck.'"
Michael Wehunt, Greener Pastures

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