Friday, March 1, 2013


So, now that all those sketch and redrawing posts are done I thought I'd give you a bit of an update as to why this has been an especially long hiatus. Aside from my trip to the Czech Republic/Slovakia, this past weekend Jeanne and I and our friend Davidson went to the Dominican Republic for the last weekend of Carnaval in the town of La Vega. They have an especially awesome carnaval tradition there, where they dress up in elaborately hand made demon costumes and hit people with "vejigas".  It's basically Caribbean Krampus mixed with Philadelphia Mummers. It was insane. Below are a probably just a third of the Diablos Cojuelos (Limping Devil) we saw (keep in mind each team had about 5-7 members dressed in the same costumes!).  Starting next week, as the new Lovecraft monsters post, I'll be posting a ton of pictures on my Corpse Altar tumblr, if you're interested.  

Hope that excuses the long wait and that you guys like the new stuff!

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