Monday, March 11, 2013


"It had ye Name Ossadogowah, which signifi'd ye childe of Sadogowah, ye which is held to be a Frightfull Spirit spoke of by antients as come down from ye Stars and being formelry worshipt in Lands to ye North."

"Dewart stared in fascination; he could discern eyes or pits of eyes, and what must certainly be a mouth of a kind, together with a vast dome-like forehead-but there the semblance to anything human ceased, and the nebulous outline trailed off in a hideous representation of what seemed to be tentacles."

"As I turned away and rose to make my way to the kitchen, my eyes involuntarily sought the leaded window, and I received a profound and frightening shock, for the last red sunlight lay upon the stained glass in such a way as to outline in that place an unutterably hideous caricature of an inhuman face of some great, grotesque being whose features were horribly distorted, eyes-if such there were-sunken into pits, without anything resembling a nose, though there seemed to be nostrils; a bald and gleaming head, the entire lower half of which terminated in a mass of writhing tentacles;"

"The second type of mark was claw-like, of the dimensions of approximately three feet across and the suggestion of being webbed; and the third was a sinister brushed patch on the snow, framing the claw-marks, as if great wings had flapped there-but what manner of wings was not apparent."
H.P. Lovecraft & August Derleth, The Lurker At the Threshold


  1. I like how you have used colors on this one

  2. You should check out the band Ossadogva.

    1. I love that band, and that's how I found this page! Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, I love Lovecraft.

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  4. This creature is superb by the way, if I haven't said so enough about the drawing in this undertaking of yours. :)