Sunday, October 20, 2013


For those of you that follow this blog, Alan's name may be familiar to you. Not only has he contributed to the Empty Night Skies benefit show that Jeanne D'Angelo and I curated, he's currently working on a piece for the Children Of Yuletide show I'm curating. Most likely though, you'll recognize him from the Guests In the Witch-House piece he did of Randolph Carter in Dreams Quest Of Unknown Kadath

Anyway, he's one of the most tireless and talented people I know and he's a huge inspiration to me. This piece is based off a character and creature from his epic wordless  OVOYYAMAR comic which you should check out. 

You can also buy prints from him here and support an amazingly talented dude! 


  1. He sure is tireless at talent. He must be like a pro at doing comics like OVOYYAMAR. I hope his celebration is A-ok.

  2. Just checked Alan Brown's comic out- pretty wild! Love the Heavy Metal-style art, similar to Moebius and Druillet, and I mean that as a great compliment.

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  4. I wish you a very very Happy Birthday to Alan and Birthday Wishes fill the life with joy and blessings.