Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hey guys, just a bit of news for you. 
First off, there are still a handful of Pumpkin Faces In the Night prints:

Head over to the Yog-Blogsoth store to pick one up!

So Illustro Obscurum Volume VI went on sale and sold out within 2 hours on Friday! I'm thinking about doing a reprint of Volumes V & VI in the near future so comment if you're interested so I can gauge how many I should get made. 

Also there was a bit of a delay with the interior pages of Volume VI, so if you purchased it Friday it'll be a few days later than usual. Normally when I have them up for sale on Friday, I ship them out on Monday but this batch won't go out until Thursday. 

Finally, I spent the weekend in NYC doing some Halloween stuff and checked out a site that I think should be of interest to most HPL fans...Harry Houdini's grave! It's in an "abandoned" cemetery in Queens but it abuts 3 other cemeteries that are still in use, so if you can get into one you can easily walk into the others. Lovecraft famously ghost wrote Under the Pyramids for Houdini and I've been wanting to check out his grave for a while. Totally worth the trip!


  1. Hey Mike! I missed number 6 sale, so count me in on the reprint. =)

  2. VI just arrived today and it looks great! I am definitely interested in V, and if you ever did reprints of I-IV I would be down for them as well.

  3. Definitely interested on a reprint of V and VI!

  4. Man, if I could get a reprint of ALL of your volumes, I could die happy!

    But I'll settle for V and VI for now! Thanks.